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In the novel The Diviners, Canadian writer, Margaret Laurence, created the character, Morag Gunn.  The reader comes to know this character through her search for identity, desire for self-expression, celebration of the Canadian landscape and intimate encounter and relationship with others.

I have seen Morag as a bit of a metaphor for my own life and art these many years.  I have journeyed my own river of 'now and then' and I'm continually awed by the challenges and discoveries around each bend.

My paintings have evolved tremendously over my practice and I hold onto the inspiration of women who have mentored me along the way: Pauline McGeorge, Laurel Cormack and Bev Tosh, to name a few.

From the outset, I was nurtured to be a painter, writer and teacher.  My own teachers gave me wings.  Thank you to Mrs. Penner, Mrs. Souter, Mr. McKay, Mr. Carlin and Mr. Winniger for their lessons, not exclusively of art, but of ideas and wonderment.  Subsequent to that, I taught art and english for thirty years and have been a practicing artist since 1990.

Thank you to my parents; my mother who purchased my first tube of oil paint  (it was an ultramarine blue) and my father who found delight in opening up wee pots of oil paint and completing paint-by-numbers.  It was THAT smell of linseed oil that launched my curiosity. Jen Hall of


artist, writer, teacher


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