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Pet Portraiture

Introduce me to the pets that rock your life, share their stories, memorabilia and favourite places.  I will  create a piece that will either capture love-lost so that you can hold that love close forever, or  create portraits  to celebrate the friends that 'really' run your household.  My work incorporates text, collage and typically, acrylic paint.  Let me introduce you to Peanut, the cat and Max, the border collie!



Ages ten to one hundred, enjoy art instruction in my studio, individually or in your own organized group of two to six people.  Possibilities? Create a painting in four classes.  Bring a group of friends for a wine and cheese evening to celebrate a birthday, a healing ceremony, a spiritual encounter or your friendship.  A painting experience will be designed for your event and all materials/munchies will be provided in the cost.  See contact information to describe your interest and details.  Let's make your dreams, possibility.

After thirty years of teaching, consider inviting me in to your school or work place to use art as an opportunity for team building or to take the intimidation out of paint!  A selection of activities will be provided upon request.



I will take any object that you treasure and transform it into an art object for your home.  All work is guaranteed to be of polished quality and coated with clear varnish.  Projects will be discussed and may often reflect the client's interest in a particular art period or artist.  This dresser is for a musician's room and is an interpretation of a Wassily Kandinsky music composition.


Have you considered doing something with that blank wall in a living, work or retreat space that might be a little different? I will take my art to your walls directly, incorporating related text, collage and painting to purpose and personalize your space.



artist, writer, teacher


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